Before BMW was - in the U.S. market - the 'ultimate driving machine', it was often identified as the British Motor Works; there was, in short, very little signifying the brand as German, for there was very little evidence of its small product lineup stateside. That all changed with the late-'60s introduction of BMW's 1600 and 2002. The latter, with a high performance 2.0 liter powertrain, essentially defined 'sport sedan' for an entire generation of owners and enthusiasts. The 2002 was followed in the 1970's by more mature entries in more upmarket segments, including the 320i, 528i, 630 CSI and 733i luxury 4-door.

Fifty years removed from the 1600, BMW is a wide-ranging lineup of sedans, sport coupes and crossovers. The 320i and its more performance-oriented offshoots continue to define the modern sport sedan, while the '5', '6' and '7'-Series perform a similarly upscale function in 2017 as they collectively did in 1977. The newest dynamic, of course, in today's BMW showroom is the crossover, and BMW has that box checked with everything from an entry-level X1 to top-of-the-range X6 coupe crossover. Finally, the new century is fully evident on today's BMW showroom with the launch of BMW's i3 hatch and i8 performance coupe.

2018 BMW X1
2.0L I-4
23 City / 32 HWY
2018 BMW X5 eDrive
2018 BMW M550
4.4L V-8
16 City / 25 HWY
2018 BMW X5 M
4.4L V-8
14 City / 19 HWY
2018 BMW X6 M
4.4L V-8
14 City / 19 HWY
2018 BMW 340
3.0L I-6
21 City / 32 HWY
All BMW i3 EVs ever sold in U.S. are recalled over crash test results

It's only a problem in a very specific situation.

Wear your seat belt.
2018 Kia Stinger vs. other premium liftbacks by the numbers

No compromise — sporty, luxurious, practical

The competition is close.
BMW trademarks iX3 and other possible electric SUV badges

iX1 through iX9 could be in the works.

Don't be surprised to see more electric utes from BMW.

For Sale

2007 BMW 3 Series
$6,495 / 94,000 miles / CA
2016 BMW M4
$57,900 / 27,045 miles / CA
2015 BMW 4 Series
$38,900 / 18,516 miles / CA
BMW, Mini to offer Amazon Alexa in all models beginning next year

BMW's video for in-car Alexa is pretty fantastic, too.

It will be available in the U.S., U.K. and Germany.
2016 BMW X4 M40i Quick Spin
BMW is hoping a little M Division magic can rub off on the expensive, heavy, fairly impractical X4. The result? Better than "meh," but not by much.
2016 BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid First Drive
BMW has delivered a midsize four-door sedan that goes like a 340i but uses a third of the fuel, or none at all in its electric mode.
2016 BMW X5 xDrive40e Review [w/video]
The BMW X5 gets a plug-in hybrid version for 2016, the xDrive40e, offering seamless integration of EV tech into one of our favorite SUVs.
BMW recalls 19,000 i3 REx models for possible fuel vapor leak

2014-2017 model years are affected.

The fuel tank vent line for the range extender can chafe and leak.
BMW recalls 5 Series, 6 Series, X5, and X6 models for fuel leaks

If you smell gas inside the cabin of your BMW, you might have a problem.
BMW recalls M5 and M6 for driveshaft failures

The problem boils down to inadequate welding.