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It's only a problem in a very specific situation.

Wear your seat belt.


Better batteries will take advantage of quicker chargers.

Honda hasn't chosen its partner to produce next-generation batteries.


We get a glimpse of the front end and the cabin.

Mercedes offers a peek at the CLS ahead of its L.A. debut.


'My plan is to be at Indy, and then I'm done.'

She hopes to secure sponsorship for those races soon.


We still don't know what it'll cost.

Tesla promises lower operating costs from its electric big rig.


Elon Musk's 'Master Plan' continues to unfold.

Tesla moves beyond passenger vehicles to the electrification of freight transport.

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It also mentions a mysterious "driver-comfort feature" in the Tesla semi.

You almost feel bad for the poor, little guy.


This image popped up in CEO Mary Barra's presentation.

Could be a Buick, could be a bigger Bolt-based Chevy.


iX1 through iX9 could be in the works.

Don't be surprised to see more electric utes from BMW.


The F1 and WEC veteran 'will be going to the race weekend without testing.'

Kobayashi will race alongside Antonio Felix da Costa in Hong Kong on Dec. 2 and 3.


Bollinger shows what the rugged B1 can do.

It looks like a fun job.


El-P shows Killer Mike around NYC in a Car2go Mercedes-Benz GLA.

It's the first of several "mini-documentaries."


The partners want to increase efficiency and safety.

Automation could help alleviate the trucking industry's "workforce problem."


It has a driving range of more than 120 miles.

ChargE was created in partnership with Volkswagen Truck & Bus.


Google's computing power to help VW optimize traffic, develop AI and explore battery materials.

It could help make cars smarter and more efficient.

It goes 100 miles on a charge, or 175 with range extender.

Workhorse makes a bigger delivery EV with an automated drone to go the last mile.


Besides the W-15 electric pickup, Workhorse is developing delivery drones, a personal flying machine, and what could be the next USPS mail truck.

Reinventing how we move people and products around is a big job.


It does 0-62 mph in 2.38 seconds.

Better aero, wider wheels and way more power.


We talk to the man beating Tesla to the punch by electrifying the truck world.

"It's the most complicated thing we've done."

The prototype is an Infiniti Q50.

Nissan says the next generation of ProPilot will be on roads in 2020.

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