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Defending its off-road heritage, but not its looks.

This one won't be strictly for the fans.

Los Angeles

Volkswagen says the Tiguan-sized electric coupe will be "affordable."

Volkswagen says it'll be "affordable."

Los Angeles

Underneath the hood is some serious technology.

The new VC-Turbo gasoline engine is able to change its compression ratio from 8:1 to 14:1, or anything in between depending of the driving situation.

A promotional film by E.ON showcases interesting EVs.

A "Mad Max"-style desert video shows all kinds of interesting vehicles, but the hypercar is the king.


The new PACE business plan outlines Opel's survival beyond 2020.

A fully electric Corsa is part of the plan.

Two Wheels

Take your pick from fully electric or hybrid Vespas.

Electric model gets 62 miles of range, the hybrid doubles that.

Two Wheels

A neat touch is a kinetic energy powered info screen.

Unique technology with throwback flair.


NASCAR driver Mike Skinner says he did like the driving, though.

How will the show replace him?


One car uses mind control, the other has a mind of its own.

Which would you choose?


Revoked titles steer Texan buggies off-road.

Has the Texas DMV dune goofed?


Two Ingenium I4 engines are on offer, including a 286-horsepower version.

The more powerful engine is the most powerful unit ever offered on either model.


BRZ gets a STI Sport, the WRX STI gets a S208 edition.

The S208 is the WRX STI range-topper at 329 horsepower, the BRZ STI Sport gets no power hike.


What will a Gymkhana-prepared Escort Cosworth look like?

What will a Gymkhana-prepared Escort Cosworth look like?

Two Wheels

The new bike is as much as 105 pounds lighter.

You can still tell it's a Gold Wing, though.


You've seen stories about its drivers. This is the story of the car.

The 312B gets its own film.

Two Wheels

The basic bike is still good for commuting.

The Super Cub was crucial for Honda's brand to get started in the U.S. market.


They're not going to come cheap.

Million-dollar pants, anyone?


Check out the super-cool shifter.

Toyota calls the powertrain THS-R, or Toyota Hybrid System-Racing.


Japan's only production V12 is no more.

Along with the Century, the new generation Crown will be shown at Tokyo show.


The tent stays in one place, the team doesn't.

Judging by these images, there will be shenanigans in cheap cars.